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Local legend says that the Minorcans brought the Datil Pepper to St. Augustine in the 1700s, but most likely it came through the trade route from South America or the Caribbean in the early 1800s. The St. Augustine region is the only place researchers have found the pepper naturally growing in the United States. The harvesting begins in June and the last crop is picked around October.


Dat'l Do-It was founded in 1982 in St. Augustine, Florida, the nation's oldest city. The signature Datil Pepper Hot Sauce was first crafted by a local in the kitchen of Barnacle Bill’s Restaurant. The sauce quickly grew to be a local favorite, and out of the restaurant kitchen grew a small but beloved hot sauce company. With the wonderful success of the Datil Pepper Hot Sauce, the product line soon expanded to include other datil inspired condiments such as BBQ sauce, relish, and mustard. Today Dat’l Do-It is still locally owned and operated in St. Augustine and enjoys nationwide distribution.


After starting as a quaint hot sauce company, Dat’l Do-It has since grown to become one of the nation’s leading food gift set companies. The success of our first hot sauce gift set paved the way for the introduction of our Anastasia Gourmet Gifts division, which puts forth far more than just hot sauce. Today, we also produce top-quality barbecue collections, warm beverage gifts, easy-to-make baking mix sets made with the finest ingredients, scrumptious soups, and festive candy treats. It has secured a position as a leading company in the food gift set industry.

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